Automating Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

We use autonomous agents, LLMs and machine learning to manage appeal pipelines at scale for doctors and health systems.

Our Difference

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Appeal Automation

Appeal Automation

Unlock the potential of automation in transforming the insurance appeals process, streamlining cumbersome workflows, and enhancing accuracy. Learn how AI and Large Language Models revolutionize this complex landscape for efficient and intelligent resolution of appeals.
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Denial Automation

Denial Automation

Explore how automation is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by streamlining health insurance denials. Gain insights into the benefits and challenges, and discover what the future holds.
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What is Revenue Cycle Automation?

The integration of AI, particularly large language models, to streamline billing, claims, and payment processes in healthcare.

How Can Language Models Assist in Denial Management?

They analyze denial patterns and suggest targeted appeals, improving the overturn rate.

Is AI-Driven Denial Management Compliant with Regulations?

AI models that run on private clouds or on-premise systems are secure, encrypted and can comply with HIPAA and other regulations.


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